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Most of us all want a Pinterest worthy space to come home to each night. If your like me, you can't exactly afford the cost of those spaces. What I have learned over the years is a no-fail trick to get a home you love that feels comfortable for your family.

That trick is what I would like to talk a little about this week. The trick to a comfortable and beautiful home is to slowly build your homes decor. That doesn't mean we can't buy all our latest trend crushes (mine is currently buffalo check). But like a good wardrobe, we should build off key pieces. A once and done approach to your home decor may make you happy for a moment but I'm sure you will get tired of it without timeless pieces as your base.

I truly believe that home decor and design is ever-evolving. Homes that are decorated over time, in my experience, are the most beautiful and comfortable homes to be in. I like to refresh my home seasonally or when I find that piece I just can't pass up without regretting.

When setting your home decor budget for your space a good rule of thumb to follow is the 80/20 rule. I believe this is the most important rule to follow when deciding where to spend your budget, whatever it maybe. It is very simple to follow, 80 percent of your budget should go to timeless, long lasting pieces. Consider what you are missing from your home and then find pieces to fill those gaps and needs. Timeless doesn't mean antique. If antiques aren't your thing but you love mid century modern design you can shop at places like West Elm. They are Classic, timeless and well made. These pieces will be things you build off of for the foreseeable future so you should really love the piece(s).

With the remaining 20 percent of your budget, you should spend it on all the fun, trendy pieces your dying to have. These pieces will continue to refresh your home and bring in a fun new style you would like to try out. You shouldn't be afraid to experiment with a different style.

By following this 80/20 rule, you can be sure you are making smart choices on where to spend your budget, whether your budget is $500 or $5000.

Happy decorating!