We have been getting lots of questions about round coffee tables. How do I style them? Should I place them centered with my sofa? What sofa would you pair a round coffee table with? Today, I will answer these questions and show you easy ways to style your coffee table using our new Round Marble Coffee Table.

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Photo credit:  Abigail Amira

Photo credit: Abigail Amira

Should I place my round coffee table centered with my sofa?

Placement of your coffee table depends on the sofa in your space. Here at Abigail Amira, we like to place our round coffee tables off-centered for a casual look. This looks best with a sofa that has a chaise but works with traditional sofas too! 

What sofa would you pair a round coffee table with?

You can pair your round coffee tables with any type of sofa including sectionals. Round tables are great paired with L-shaped sectional and make it easy to walk around. We added a few of our favorite options above.

How do I style my round coffee table?

Styling round coffee tables is so much fun but can be a little tricky. A good rule of thumb is to create groupings in a triangular shape for visual interest.

Focal Piece

Place your focal piece on your table off-centered from the middle. We love to use a vase filled with flowers or greenery. Its natural shape will add an organic feel to your grouping.

Create Layers

You can add visual interest to your grouping by creating layers. Place a couple stacked books or add a pretty tray to the grouping and then add a decorative bowl or other textural accessories. 

Play With Heights

Now that you have your focal piece and created visual layers, you can play with different heights. Bring in candlesticks or sculptural objects to give your grouping a little height where needed.

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Photo Credit:  Erica Lee Photography

Photo Credit: Erica Lee Photography