5 Questions & Answers with Jessika Christine Photography

We sat down with Jessika, a KC local and owner of Jessika Christine Photography for some Q's and A's about her growing business.

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How was Jessika Christine Photography created?

 I created Jessika Christine Photography this year, so it’s still pretty new! I never thought I’d want to run a photography business, but I enjoy being my own boss. I’ve been doing photography since High School, and I used to work in fashion photography. My husband and I are from San Diego, CA which is where my photography adventure started. I used to enjoy looking through fashion editorials in Vogue magazine, because there is so much fantasy involved in creating them. While living in San Diego I was able to direct several editorials and work with modeling agencies. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that photographing real families and women is more rewarding. Once I decided to focus on lifestyle photography, I created Jessika Christine Photography.

Who are your favorite influences?

       I don’t have any famous photography influences, but there are several “local” photographers that I absolutely love. One of my favorite Boudoir photographers is Kara Marie, located in Texas. Her work inspires me to push my own boundaries! Her photography influenced me to start experimenting more with shadows and darker lighting. Another photographer I love is located right here in Kansas City, MO! Her name is Jesse Salter and she focuses on families, maternity and engagement sessions. I love the whimsy she adds to her sessions. I hope, to one day have the same sort of magical quality to my photos.

Photo Credit: Jessika Christine Photography

What’s your favorite type of photography and why?

My favorite type of photography would be Boudoir. I love showing women how beautiful they are when they’re being themselves. Being able to make a woman feel empowered and sexy is the most satisfying feeling! It warms my heart when I read/hear how amazing their session made them feel.

Photo Credit: Jessika Christine Photography

What kind of camera do you prefer?

I LOVE Canon! I’ve never used a Nikon, but I don’t feel the need to switch. Canon has amazing camera bodies and lenses. My favorite lens is the Canon 24mm f/1.4. It has an amazing wide angle and lets in a lot of natural light. I love how close I can be to the subject, but still get their entire body and the background!

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Any tips for beginners?

For anyone wanting to start photography I’d suggest finding what style you like first. Once you figure out your style, you’ll be able to advertise to that specific client. Really experimenting until you find your favorite kind of light or subject is the best way to find your style. Don’t be too hard on yourself, because we all start somewhere. Looking back on my work from even 5 years ago makes me cringe, but at the time I was still experimenting. Always take photos of everything and everyone! Let inspiration come from everyday, mundane things and don’t limit yourself.

To find out more information on Jessika Christine Photography visit her website at this link here.


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