DIY Decorative Ladder

Hello friends! I found a beautiful vintage quilt and two matching antique ladders at our local antique store but silly me didn't purchase them immediately. When I went back to buy them they were all sold. 

But still I wanted a ladder to hold my growing quilt collection, so I decided to build one with scrap wood I had around.

I used 2x3's for this build. I first cut two long pieces( equal to each other) and then five shorter pieces (equal to each other as well) for the rungs.

I marked where I wanted the rungs to be and then screwed them into place.

Now I have a ladder but I wasn't finished yet.

I gave it two coats of Sherwin Williams paint in Creamy and added metal brackets. This whole project cost me nothing because I had everything already around the house. If I had bought all these materials at the store it would still be less then $20!

Here's me after I decided to paint the wall Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray before bringing the ladder inside to its new spot.

To style my ladder I added some flame less candles and some of my lovely quilts my mother gave me. 

Happy DIYing!!!