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Source: STIL

Source: STIL

If you want a super chic office that shows your personality then this is the blog post for you! Today we are sharing our recipe for creating a chic office space. Whether you have a tiny cubicle or a large office to yourself, you can infuse a little fun into your work space. A pretty desk area can really help motivate you and increase your productivity, right? Lets get ready for fall together with a fresh office.  

Source: @desiperkins

Source: @desiperkins


Statement Art

A great way to add your personality to your office space is by hanging an art piece or a gallery of art pieces that you love. Pick something that will inspire you and keep you from hitting your head on your desk. You can hang a large piece in your office or a smaller version in your cubicle. 

Source: bylauraiancu.com

Office Accessories

Office accessories do not have to be those boring cookie cutter ones anymore. The fastest (and affordable) way to add that chic style to your desk is by bringing in cool accessories like these glam options above. BYLAURAIANCU.COM put together this amazing list making it even easier to find fun office accessories. We are drooling over that white and gold mouse!

Source: thedecorista.com
Source: mydomaine

Source: mydomaine

Sitting Pretty

Use a statement chair to up your style in your work space. We love the over-sized upholstered desk chair or you create a chic corner in your office by adding a pretty chair. The gold frame with its fur upholstery adds a dash of unexpected fun to your work space. Your clients (and maybe your coworkers) will enjoy the extra comfort!

Inspiration is everywhere

One of our favorite things in our office is our ever-changing mood board. We use these for new design projects, deciding on our brands style, goals and so much more! Our format is very similar to the one pictured above but you can organize yours however you like. 

Source: popsugar.com

Source: popsugar.com


Storage, storage, storage!

Storage is so important in an office space but that doesn't mean it has to be boring! We love how they sprinkled their color palette throughout this shelving unit for a super chic look. Pick 2-3 colors and mix them on your shelf for a pleasing look. 

Source: domino.com

Small space, big style

You can carve out your own office space just about anywhere. This little desk area fills this empty corner perfectly. And though it may be little, it is big on style! Use all of our tips or pick a few to create a chic office space. Here they used a cool chair, art gallery showing their personality, and fun desk accessories. 

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