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Do you love rugs as much as I do? Adding a rug to your bare floors can help bring your room to life! Decorating with rugs is simple and fun, just remember to think big and be bold. This week, I am sharing some easy tips on how to choose the right rug for your space. 

Source: Crisp Interiors

A rug can be an attention- grabbing statement piece, the subtle item that anchors your space and most importantly, a nice cushion for your feet after a long day at work. Choosing the perfect rug can be overwhelming, so start off with your desired theme or color palette. A rug can easily add a pop of color to a space without being overpowering. The plum tones in this rug is the perfect example of incorporating a pop of color into a mostly white space. 

Source: Kordestani Collection

Source: Kordestani Collection

When rug hunting to fit an overall theme, think texture and pattern and don’t be afraid to go all out. Broaden your horizon by opting for bigger, bolder patterns that will set the mood in your space. In the above image, the rug and its rusty tones highlight the vintage/rustic theme found in the accent pillows and the bench that they sit on. Chippy paint along with some wear and tear bring out the bench’s vintage beauty. The white on the bench is complimented by the white background and edge details in the rug.

Rugs and runners can be used anywhere, don’t be nervous to try a new look! Let yourself enjoy eyeing that runner each day as you go up and down the stairs. Use runners in unexpected places like kitchens and bathrooms to add a cozy, homey feel.

Most of the rugs featured so far are all vintage and/or handmade rugs that have come from all over the world. When looking at rugs, think about where you will be placing it. You might want a small area rug for your entry way or a runner for your kitchen floor. The entry space and kitchen are two very high traffic areas in our home, you will want to choose a rug fiber that wont wear quickly. Rugs made of all or mostly natural fibers are usually much stronger and can withstand high traffic areas. 

Source: Lulu & Georgia

If you’re not looking to go crazy with color, we suggest looking into textured rugs. Textured rugs are a great option and they can really add some definition to your room. We love the way the floral print gives off a feminine, soft touch. We can envision this rug in a master bedroom or a chic home office.

Source: West Elm

Source: West Elm

Solid rugs can easily be placed in most spaces, especially if the color compliments the rest of the room. Many stores carry handcrafted rugs from all over the world at affordable prices. This beauty from West Elm is handcrafted in India and we love its subtle color. 

There are an endless number of styles and colors that you can mix and match, why not find the perfect rug for your space today? See some of our favorites in the links below!

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