I've been wanting to do a fireplace in my bedroom since we moved in to this house. The cost of a real fireplace quickly ruled that out, but that wouldn't stop me from getting the look of a real fireplace. 

I had a bunch of scrap wood from past projects just lying around. So I decided to draw some plans for a faux fireplace and set to work building it. First, I used chalk to draw my fireplace design on my wall.

Then, I used 2x4's to frame three boxes and then I attached quarter inch plywood facing boards. For the mantle, I used three 2x6's leftover from our DIY stairs project. Ideally I would have wanted a solid board for the mantle but I am working with what I have on hand. 

Here is what I created with my scrap wood pile. I love that this has cost zero dollars to make! I had some leftover white paint, so I gave it two quick coats of paint. Then I used leftover black chalkboard paint for the inside of the fireplace. My daughter has learned the art of "photobombing" recently (It is too cute not to share)!

 I want to add some interest with the trim and a planked over-mantle but that will be for another day. Here she is all styled pretty, do you see those little green boxes? My husband sent those to me from overseas to replace mine that broke during our last move and I adore their color!

What do y'all think of my free DIY fireplace? Leave your comments below!

Happy DIYing!