Fall is finally making its way into my home, the weather has already gotten cooler and the leaves are just beginning to fall to the ground. My daughter is so excited for leaf piles to jump into while I am excited for breaking out my favorite boots.


I went to my local hardware store for some new shades (check back next week for more on that) and while I was there I found some beautiful gray and white squash. I immediately fell in love with them and brought a few home as well as a couple of white mums and an ornamental kale plant. Those pretty squashes inspired me to kick-start my fall decor, so I stopped by Wal-Mart and picked up some new PW placemats I have been drooling over the past couple weeks. When I got home I started on rearranging my new sideboard(I found this handmade piece at my local antique shop), I moved around my cookbooks and added a great burlap sign I won from @peoniesandtwine (you can get one here). I layered in a some new and old plants and placed my white serving ware on the bottom shelf which I intend on piling little pumpkins or delicious apples inside.


I moved my vintage chalkboard over here and layered on my favorite Aldi wreath for more texture. I brought in my outdoor plants so they wouldn't freeze to death and placed them in a sunny corner at varying heights.


For my tablescape, I wanted to keep it pretty simple. I first laid down a burlap runner (I also picked up at Wal-Mart), then I arranged the large white squash in the middle and placed a gray squash on each side. I won a beautiful cotton stem from @pollies_place on Instagram, so I pulled it apart and used the smaller pieces around my squash. I finally added in a couple flameless candles I got from Sams Club two years ago and these Dollar Tree green jars which I added tea candles inside of.

I am looking for some white antlers to add into the mix, so if you know where to find some, let me know. Here are a few more detail shots of my sideboard. Do you see the vintage wooden soldier hiding? We got him at a Christmas party last year as a gag gift, but we love him.


 Here is after I filled my platter with apples. I love how these apples really pop against the white platter.


I set up a little drink bar for hot tea, coffee and my favorite hot chocolate. I also changed around my kitchen decor (ignore my dishes in the sink).


I was feeling so inspired by bringing in fall touches that I redecorated some other areas too!


While I was grocery shopping at my local Aldi, I picked up a few burgundy bins to hide extra shoes and gloves inside. I love the way the mustard and burgundy colors work together. It feels like fall to me!


What is your favorite part of my fall decor and what do you think of the gray and white squash?? Answer in the comment section below!!

Happy decorating!!!