Holiday Baking

This week I had some extra time on my hands. My work week was pretty slow so I decided it would be the perfect time to make some delicious maple iced cinnamon rolls. The recipe I used (find the recipe here) makes around 50 cinnamon rolls so they are the perfect cinnamon rolls to give to family and friends. I brought some to my friends who are new moms, local police officers and cinnamon roll loving co-workers.


I started off heating up the liquid ingredients and then added my yeast after the liquid cooled a little. I then added lots of flour (8 cups!) and covered my bowl of dough with a tea towel.

I love this holiday tea towel because it's light weight so it's perfect for the rising dough. It would be perfect as a teacher gift, hostess gift, holiday stocking stuffer, decorating your home, to hang in your kitchen on the stove or sink, or wrap a wine bottle in it and give as a gift. North detail and Aditipanchal designed this holiday towel to be pretty enough to display and tough enough to use everyday in your kitchen. 

I placed my bowl in a warm location and left it to rise for about an hour. Now that it has doubled in sized I added the last ingredients and folded them in and then I split the dough in half.

I rolled the first dough ball out into a 12"x 30" rectangle as best as I could and then covered it in melted butter, sugar and of course cinnamon. I then rolled it into a log and sliced them about an inch or so apart.

I did the same with the other dough ball and then filled up three disposable pie pans and a couple sheet trays with the cinnamon rolls. I once again covered the cinnamon rolls and let them rise. After they had their second rise I baked them in the oven. Soon my house started to smell like a wonderful bakery, I almost want to bake these everyday just so my house smells this amazing!!! While the cinnamon rolls finished baking, I made up the maple icing. After the cinnamon rolls came out of the oven, I poured the maple icing all over the hot rolls to soak up all that goodness.

I couldn't stare at these lovely cinnamon rolls any longer, I had to eat one! These go perfectly with a cup of coffee or some chocolate milk!!!


What is your favorite treat to bake during the holidays? Let me know in the comment section below!!

Happy eating!!!