Do you like to put your Christmas decor away the day after Christmas or do you keep the holiday cheer going throughout January? Today I'll be sharing with you a way to keep the holiday cheer going in your home throughout the winter season. By choosing less Christmas-y themed items as your base you can extend the life of your decor throughout the winter season long after the stockings and Christmas tree have all been put away.



A lot of holiday decor seems to be Christmas themed such as Santa's and nativity scenes. The decor I think you will get the most bang for your buck are the ones that speak more towards the winter season in general. Things like snowflakes, holly berries, pine trees and pine cones. This type of decor not only helps bring a wintry atmosphere to your celebrations but will extend well beyond the Christmas holiday.



You can see on my tablescape that I've used some winter greenery, these gorgeous trees and some whimsical reindeer as my base. I added some mercury glass candlesticks to the mix as well as some stocking holders. After the Christmas holiday, I can remove the stocking holders and the rest can be kept up the whole winter season.



Another way to extend your holiday decor is to be mindful of your color theme, too much red and green can make your vignette feel too Christmas-y. If you want to create a beautiful and sophisticated vignette try using neutral colors. I like to use metallic accents for some sparkle and shine, whites, and neutral colors that will blend in with my homes interior. These pieces will feel timeless, as a bonus, you can mix and match with any color theme over the years. These neutral colors will help extend your holiday decor well beyond Christmas.



The holidays mark the transition into the deeper months of winter. Why shouldn't we brighten it up a little by keeping up wintry decor. I love keeping the feeling of Christmas magic around after my tree is practically bare and the beautiful presents have all been opened. One way to keep that magical feeling is with lighting. These beautiful lit birch bark trees showcases the subtle wintry colors of nature and is lit with dozens of tiny lights that add a warm glow. Those paired with lovely candle light create a cozy and magical feeling in any room.



I love to add seasonal pillows and throws to create that cozy feeling. The red color speaks to both Christmas and the winter season perfectly. The pillows and throw invite you to come and sit down for a spell and the best part is I can leave it up throughout the whole winter season.


How do you extend the holidays in your home? Let us know by commenting below!

Happy decorating!!!