Our home is pretty small so we sometimes need to be clever with our storage. I found a tutorial for a beautiful, mirrored front hidden storage piece. I modified the plans quite a bit to fit our needs and this is what I came up with.


I started off by making a box out of 1x4's and I used peg board for the back and you will see why further down the post. In the build plans I found, the front used mirrored tiles and was trimmed out. I got mirrors from the dollar store. They saved money and they are much lighter then the mirrored tiles.



I then got started on disassembling the mirrors which was super easy to do. I just pulled off the trim and then took out the mirror portion. On my front facing board I measured and marked where my mirror pieces would go. I placed the mirrors on my board for a dry fit and then I would just glue them into place when I was happy with the spacing.



But sometimes things don't go as planned... I broke some of my mirrors when I was cleaning and when I went back to the dollar tree to get replacement mirrors they were sold out...(Anyone believe in 7 years bad luck?!)


I had to come up with a new plan since I didn't want to spend a bunch of money of this project. I decided to use my leftover quarter inch plywood from my planked ceiling project. I cut the plywood into rectangles and attached them to my facing board using heavy duty staples. I then added trim to finish it off.


I bought a long hinge from my local hardware store and attached it to my box and my facing board. Once the building part was done, I gave it two coats of Sherwin Williams "Creamy" paint.


Inside, I used some peg board hooks to hold our rifles and the box made a great shelf to store our extra ammo on. I love how this hidden storage piece looks in our space, I like the rustic "found" look and texture it brings in. Sometimes your plans don't go the way you wanted but with a little flexibility they can turn out even better.


I would love to hear what you would use hidden storage for in your home. Leave me a comment below to share with us!

Happy decorating!