When it comes to your home, you probably want a great style that reflects your personality. You may be unsure of how to achieve that look within your budget. Or maybe you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Rugs, curtains and furniture, there are so many choices! You may feel intimidated by what you think the process will cost you. Do you have some great furniture pieces and just don’t know how to incorporate new pieces into the mix? The good news is, I can help you with all that!

As your designer, I will help you find unique pieces for your home. I know that staying in budget is very important to you. I always try to find quality pieces that will grow with your family. Focusing on timeless, not trendy pieces will save your family so much money over the years. I am passionate about design and I would love to help create a stylish room for your home. I always try to support local businesses and artisans, if you have a favorite, let me know!

How does E-Design work?

  • First, you will share details about your space including your budget, project goals, and style inspiration (via Pinterest, Houzz, or other online sources). I will ask you to take pictures of the project room from different angles and to measure your space using our handy guide.
  • Next, we will collaborate one-on-one reviewing options, sharing feedback and chatting together as your space takes shape.
  • Once you approve all the pieces, I will deliver your final design package including: a floor plan, the final design board, a clickable shopping list and a set up guide to pull the room together. 


Master Bedroom Retreat.jpg

 Sample Concept Board & Design Board

Sample Finished Bedroom

Why do you need a designer?

You could try to pull together a nice room if you have an eye for design. If you have time to spend hours sourcing out thoughtful items for your space, finding that perfect color for your walls, and finding furniture that not only looks amazing but also fits properly in your room. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, you’re in luck! I love hunting down that perfect sofa for your space and all the small details you may not have thought of on your own.


I like that personal touch, will e-design be right for me?

Yes! I love all my e-design clients! E-design provides flexibility to work with anyone’s schedule.We communicate through the online platform, you can respond whenever it is convenient for you. Feedback is very important with e-design, it helps me to know what you like and dislike. I always reply back to any of my clients questions or concerns within 24 hours. Through e-design, my clients get to see what we call a “First Look”, think of it as a first impression of your space. This design board will show what your room will look like after its finished (Real life results may vary).

How do I purchase the items for my room?

After you receive your final design package, it will be up to you when and where you purchase your items. I will provide you with a shopping list with all the links and information to purchase the items. Waiting for your tax refund? No problem, you can wait and buy your items whenever it is right for you.

How long does the process take?

The whole design process goes pretty quick if you provide lots of feedback. It usually takes about 2 weeks or less and it all depends on how many revisions you make.

Will you be available to help me out after I receive my final design package?

Yes, you have access to me for a month after your final design package has been delivered. I can help with out-of-stock items, different colors, etc…

Will I be able to use pieces that I already have?

Yes! I want to help create your families happy place. If you have items that are special to you we can incorporate them into the design.

I want my new furniture I purchase to stand up to the everyday life of my family. Can you help?

Absolutely yes! I always try to source quality products that are tough where they need to be and easy to clean.

What If I decide I don’t like the end product. Can I get a refund?

Once we’ve started exchanging design boards and ideas, no. We will work closely together during the design stages. You will have to approve every item on the design board, so nothing new will be sprung on you when the final design board is presented. (In some cases, you can contact client support within three days of launching your project and ask for a refund).

See some of our past design work in the slideshow below. Contact me for pricing and availability or click on the link below!


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