A new chapter in our lives...

My dad got sick. Well very sick, he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We decided it would be best to do a humanitarian move to be close by him. The military approved the move even though we had just moved to a new location only two years earlier. But like true military folk we packed up and started searching for a new home. After some searching I found a home that was about to be listed for sale. As I explained this home to my husband and mother-in-law I could see the "she's lost her mind" look on their faces. This home sat on 13.58 acres.   

 We have lived in apartments and small on-base housing for the last 8 years. I wanted space to have a garden, to run and play with my daughter, somewhere I could be outside and not see what my neighbors were upto. My husband wondered how we would be able to care for such a large yard and my mother-in-law was unsure if the house was a good fit for us. My husband agreed to look at the home. It was love at first sight and the price was just right for our family. Even my husband could see the potential this place had. So my wonderful husband bought us our first house.  

We have been here for 6 months now and have already completed several projects. The first hour after buying our home sweet home, we did a mini update on the kitchen(my next post will cover this).  

We have done a mini update in the bathrooms, removed a closet to open the space and started finishing off the basement. I will be posting about these things over the next few weeks. 

Thanks for reading!!